Most Important Foods To Buy Organic


In your quest to remove toxins from your diet and eat clean, it can sometimes be stressful to find all organic ingredients.  It can also be more expensive to eat everything organic.  So, here is a list of the most important foods to buy organic.

1. Baby food:  A baby’s systems are still developing and can be quite fragile.  They can be more susceptible to the negative effects of pesticides, artificial preservatives, and other toxins.

2. Dairy:  I recommend limiting dairy in general, and completely removing it for some.  But if you do enjoy consuming butter, yogurt, cream, or milk, the best source is grass-fed organic cows.

3. Meat:  When it comes to consuming animals, whether beef or chicken, anything consumed by those animals gets passed on to you.  To avoid those damaging toxins, you will want to find meat from hormone free, antibiotic free cows and chickens.

4. Eggs:  Similar to meat, you want to avoid the pesticides that are present in most chicken feed.  Chickens that are allowed to naturally graze in organic pastures produce the healthiest eggs.

5. Leafy greens:  When it comes to leafy vegetables, almost the entire thing is surface area.  So if it has been exposed to pesticides, those chemicals are on the entire food and you can’t peel it off.

6. Berries:  Similar to leafy veggies, there is plenty of surface area and no peel.  Also, the pesticides damage the berry’s antioxidant properties, which is one of the main benefits of the berry in the first place.

7. Apples:  They may “keep the doctor away,” but they are among the dirtiest produce out there.  Each year the Environmental Working Group puts out their “Dirty Dozen” list of the most pesticide rich produce and apples are always at or near the top.

It is also important to consider any food that may not be on this list, but that you eat a lot of.  It you eat potatoes with most meals, or have a banana every day, you may want to add those to your list of must buy organics.

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