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As a parent, let’s face it…we just want our children to be safe, healthy and happy.   Getting adequate sleep is a key piece of that life puzzle. I am a father of 3 beautiful children (7, 5 and 2 yr.) so I know how a lack of sleep affects life.  When the kids don’t sleep, we don’t sleep, and that tends to create a very cranky parent(s), child and family.  We all know that sleeping is good, but good sleep is very good for you.  

Benefits of Sleep for our Children:

  • Improves Healing, Health, and Proper Growth
  • Decreases mental stress- with today’s school schedules yes, our children are stressed.
  • Decreases physical stress- growing pains/ falling over and over again learning to walk
  • Improves concentration and attention- can improve grades

Many things will affect the ability of our children to sleep well at night. They could be over-tired, sick, no bedtime routine, stressed or from many other things.

One thing I wanted to focus on was children with night terrors.  Night terrors can be triggered by those same things that affect sleep in general.  Night terrors can be the result of not sleeping well or can be the reason your child isn’t sleeping.  Either way sleep is affected and must be improved.

Does my child have night terrors?  Some of the characteristics of night terrors include:

  • wake approximately 90 min. after fall asleep
  • wake very distressed- screaming/crying
  • very difficult to calm them down
  • appear to be awake yet dreaming

Recommendations to improve night terrors:

  • Treating underlying condition. If the night terrors are associated with an underlying medical or mental health condition or another sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea, treatment is aimed at the underlying problem.
  • Improving sleep habits. Addressing issues such as too little sleep may help reduce the incidence of night terrors.
  • Addressing stress. Addressing stress (emotional or physical) or anxiety will create a calming effect to reduce the night terrors.
  • Try Chiropractic–

Chiropractic care is very safe and effective for all spinal ages.  Adjustments performed on children have the same goals as adult adjustments, to reduce stress on the spinal joints and nerves allowing you to feel better and the body to function better.  When you feel better you sleep better, and when you sleep better you feel better.  If you have a spine, get it checked.  Chiropractic care is amazing.

by W. Chaz McCants, D.C.

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